Fabulous pair of hand carved Italianate reliquaries.  29"Hx11" wide.  $1050.00 for the pair.  Item# Acc100

  Very large old wall bracket, gold painted finish with unique flower detail on the sides.  This is a wonderful      piece.  24"H.x18"W  $450.00   Item# Acc101

  Small brass double candlestick with figural cherub.  Approx.7"Wx6"H  Price $85.00  Item#Acc102 SOLD

  Antique brass candelabra with flowers. Use as is or would be fabulous electrified.  Dimensions 34"High       Price $395.00  Item#Acc103

  Hand carved painted gold wood crown with cross  These are wonderful!.  Large Crown 11"Wx10"H
   $295.00  Item#Acc104 
  Small Crown 7"Wx9"H  $250.00  Item#Acc105 SOLD

Pair carved wood urn style candelabras.  Handles are hand carved birds.  Candelabras are rusted iron and metal leaves.  Painted grungy gold and creme urns.  Very unique.  Wonderful as they are or these would be fabulous electrified.  Dimensions 21"Wx33"H  Price $$595.00 Each  Sold as a Pair only.  Item# Acc105

                         Antique gilt candelabra with cherub.  25"High  $395.00  Item#  Acc106

   Antique mirrored plateau with cherubs.  Hard to find in such good condition and at this price.  10" Round      $95.00  Item# Acc107

     Antique iron and wood painted gold sconce.  Holds five candles.  41"Wx13"H  $475.00  Item# Acc108

                  Antique Dutch Crest.  Cast iron.  17"Wx20"H  $325.00 Item# Acc109  SOLD

           Very old wine pitcher.  Wood with Antique Brass accents.  18"W21"H  $345.00  Item# Acc110

           Very old leather covered wine bottle with gold metal crest.  6"Wx9"H  $75.00  Item# Acc111

           Italian Florentine wine holder.  Painted wood, gold/red, holds 3 bottles.  12"Wx16"H  $149.00 
            Item#Acc112 TAKE 50% OFF PRICE

            Painted gold religious figurine.  9"H  $38.00  Item#Acc113

            Round wood Architectural plaque with face.  9"Round  $115.00  Acc114 SOLD

   This old steer basket is very unique.  Don't have a clue where it originally came from or it's use, but  it would be neat filled with fresh ivy or even dried flowers.  23"Wx19"H  $159.00  Item# Acc 115SOLD


 French Market baskets.  We just love these.  You can use them for so many things.  Laundry, toys,magazines, towels...the list goes on and on. 32"Wx23"Dx14"H  $129.00  Item# Acc116

Wicker trunks with leather strap and buckle.  Large 23"Wx15"Dx17"H  $145.00  Item# Acc117
Small 19"Wx11"Dx13"H

Large winnowing baskets.  Dimensions 32"R, 34"R, 36"R  All $149.00 Each  Item# Acc118.  Love these.  Great hung on the wall or look at this idea from  Eddie Ross...   Use this basket

And fill it with this...

Assorted wicker covered demijohns.  We use these everywhere.  Wine rooms, bars, kitchens, bookshelves, tablescapes...A great little accessory for very little.   Assorted sizes 16"H  $85.00  Item #Acc124 18"H $115.00  Item #Acc125, 24"H w/ 3 handles $165.00  Item #Acc126

                Terra cotta garden statue.  Fabulous indoors or out.  9"Wx22"H  $195.00  Item# Acc119 SOLD

       Look at the detail on this concrete Indian Chief statue.  Fabulous!  29"H  $595.00  Item#Acc120

        Plaster pedestal.  Could use as a side table or on a table or chest.  15"Hx9"W  $95.00  Item# Acc121

                         Beautiful antique iron panel from Europe.  Dimensions 2Ft. Wx4Ft.H   Price $595.00 
                         Item #Acc122
                         Fabulous concrete garden face.  Very old has been glued. Dimensions 12"Wx14"H 
                         Price $175.00  Item#Acc127

              Antique Turkish olive jar.  Over 100 years old.  22"Hx14"W  $195.00  Item#Acc 123

    In love with this fabulous rusted iron Ram.  Dimensions  Price  Item # Acc 128 SOLD

              Fabulous painted crest.  Dimensions 23"Wx3"|H  $495.00  Item #Acc129 

           Old  Italian gold Florentine footed container.  9"Wx23"H  $249.00  Item#Acc 130

Antique gold andirons.  10"Wx21"H  $165.00  Acc131 TAKE 50% OFF
Fabulous old concrete cherub wall hanging.

            Very old andirons.  So pretty in front of the fire with the addition of burning candles.  13"Wx25"H
             $295.00 Item# Acc132 SOLD

Beautiful old brass andirons with paw feet.  9"Wx27"H $295.00  Item#Acc133 TAKE 50% OFF

                     Unique  Iron door pulls.  3"Wx12"H  $45.00 Each  Item #Acc 134

                        These are great iron hooks for towels, coats etc.  They have a beautiful finish.  We have
                        made and can hardly keep them in stock.  8"Wx15"H  $69.00  Item#Acc135SOLD

Vintage Oval mirrored vanity tray.  (We have 2 of these) 9"Wx16"L  $45.00 Each  Item#Acc136
         Vintage Gold Florentine candlestick.  6"Wx11"H  $49.00  Item#Acc137
         Vintage brass vanity clock.  Made in France 5"Wx7"H  $35.00  Item#Acc138
          Vintage porcelain flower gold and creme.  4"  $15.00  Item #Acc139

Vintage mirrored vanity tray.  9"Wx16"L  $45.00  Item#Acc140
Vintage gold tassel bowl with crystal dish.  7"R  $35.00  Item#Acc141
Vintage Italian Florentine candle holder with Rose.  9"H  $35.00  Item #Acc142
Vintage Gold Florentine tissue boxes   $30.00 Each  Item#Acc143

Vintage mirrored plateau.  This one is in very good condition.  12"R  $115.00  Item#Acc144
Vintage Florentine jewelry box with amber glass lid.  5"Wx7"H  $59.00  Item#Acc145


                           Vintage Italian Florentine Box.  12"Wx17"L  Price  Item#Acc146