Vintage jewelry is all the rage.  We love it because it's a trend that never goes out of style.  The "Sisters" have been collecting and wearing vintage pieces for quite some time.  We recently met a very talented  young designer and commissioned her to design some pieces just for us.  They are both fabulous and affordable.  We hope you enjoy the Ava J Creations Collection.

14"Vintage turquoise beads, 2"crystal prism drop.  16"OA  Item#J1

7 1/2" vintage carved green beads with 3"crystal prism drop.  10 1/2"OA.  $49.00  Item#J2

9"Vintage look gold chain with 5"loden green rhinestone and antique gold chain drop.  14"OA  $48.00  Item#J3

13" Vintage look chain with vintage rhinestones.  1 1'2"vintage rhinestone pin drop.  14 1/2" OA.  $65.00  Item#J4

Double vintage look gold chain with rhinestone drop and rhinestone cross.  12"OA  $68.00  Item#J5

This is a fabulous piece.  Large vintage chain with vintage rhinestone and crystal piece inset. 11"OA  $76.00

10" Vintage look gold chain with 2"vintage antique gold and green stone pin drop.  12"OA  $48.00  Item#J7

8" Vintage chain and amber bead drop necklace.  9 1'2" OA.  $39.00  Item#J8

12" vintage look gold chain with 1 3'4" vintage pearl and gold pin drop.  13 3/4" OA  $42.00  Item#J9

11"Double strandnecklace with silver mesh beads, silver heart charm with pearls pendant.  12 1/2" OA  $49.00  Item#J10

16" Double vintage look gold chain with vintage black beads and gold, black and rhinestone drop. $69.00  Item#J11

10" Vintage black/gold/ruby bead chain with 1 1/2 " crystal prism drop.  One of our favorites.  11 1/2" OA  $76.00  Item #J12

10" vintage gold chain with black beads, 2 3'4 " vintage gold rhinestone pin drop  $65.00  Item#J13

REALLY POPULAR RIGHT NOW...10 1/2" vintage look gold chain with 2" vintage watch, beads and crystal drop.  $76.00  Item#J14

8"  amber vintage beads with beautiful 1 1/2" amber and clear aurora and rhinestone pin medallion.  9 1'2"OA This one is fabulous!    $85.00  Item#J15SOLD

9 1/2" vintage look gold chain with 2 1/2" orange beads and antique crystal prism drop  12"OA  $35.00  Item#J16

16" vintage chain with copper and turquoise beads and antique silver circles.  $36.00  Item#J17

9" Vintage look gold chain with 2 1/2" old key and crystal prism drop. 11 1/2" OA  $45.00  Item#J

12" Double strand vintage necklace.  Gold chain, beads and pearls.  Embellished with vintage Rose shoe clips that can also be removed.  This is definitely a favorite.  $79.00  Item#J19

16" champagne vintage beads with 3"crystal prism drop  19"OA  $55.00  Item#J20

12" double strand vintage pale gray crystal beads with 3" crystal prism drop.  FABULOUS!  $79.00    Item#J21SOLD

9" vintage gray beads with 2 1/2" crystal prism drop  11 1/2" OA  $44.00  Item#

Another favorite!  10" vintage look chain with 2" gray and pale gold vintage bakelite flower medallion.  12" OA  $69.00  Item#J22

11" Vintage look chain with 3" vintage key and rhinestone flower charm  14"OA  $55.00  Item#J23SOLD

12" Vintage look gold chain with 2" crystal prism drop and vintage copper rose charm  14"OA.  $46.00  Item#J24

12" Vintage look chain with 4" antique vintage watch rhinestones and amber crystal drop  16" OA  $75.00  Item#J25

11"  Vintage look chain with 1 1/2" crystal prism drop and vintage religious medallion  12 1/2 "OA  $72.00  Item#J26

13" vintage look chain with 3 1/2" crystal prism drop and vintage key.  16 1/2'' OA  $52.00  Item#J28

Assorted adjustable vintage rings made from vintage pins and ear rings

Square amber ring  $39.00  Item#J29
Pearl Multi pearl ring  $25.00  Item#J30
Coral Rose ring $25.00  Item#J31
Turquoise and pearl bug ring  $39.00  Item#J32  SOLD
Rhinestone ring  $39.00  Item#J33
Pearl and rhinestone ring $25.00  Item#J34
Vintage black bead ring $25.00  Item#J35
Super Derby Temperance Hill ring  $25.00  Item#J36 SOLD


10% Beeswax hand dripped candles.  Ivory or gold.  

3.5" x 5"  $39.00
4.5" x 5"  $58.00