Personal Shopper

You don't want your home to look like everybody else's..  Skip the obvious and express your personal style with found objects that are as unique and original as you are.

Armed with lists and shopping bags we are on a constant "hunt".  Take advantage of our expertise and resources.

You can contact us any time to add to our list.

1.  Lantern  (approx 30") to hang over game table.  (Trish)
2.  Fragment for custom powder bath mirror.  (Jessica)
3.  Pair antique bow-front balconies approx 72" for console tables  (Jessica)
4.  Pair short bookcases ,48".  (Cydney)
5.  Garden gates (Marlane)
6.  ...It's your turn.  What do you need to add to the list?  Let's Talk!

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