Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're At It Again...

We're in the process of launching a brand new store.  I know, we just opened this one but we never dreamed that the response would be so great.  We've hired a web designer to help us do a real store rather than a blog/store.  It will be a whole new look complete with secure check-out.  We are sooo excited!!!

We have three big shopping trips lined up right now to fill the store with even more "fabulous finds". 

The offering is going to continue to be thoroughly sought after and the store will be packed with the most unique found objects available.  We're going to showcase new designers and artisans as well as offer our own Providence Ltd. Collection.  Our goal is to be a valuable resource to designers and design enthusiasts alike. We're talking about those people who don't want what every one else has.That's you, right??

Sign up to follow if you haven't already and stay tuned in.  It's all happening very, very soon.  In the meantime, browse our store listed as the categories on the right  and contact us with any requests you might have.