Monday, July 25, 2011

Re-Designed Online Shop Coming Soon!

I know you don't believe us...but we really are going to launch new products and a different format soon.  We are so grateful for the success of our business over the last year.  We are constantly changing priorities and know that the online shop needs to be one of them.

We keep thinking we will have all this time on our hands to take the perfect pictures...

Everything all cropped and no extras in the shot.  You know like a real slick mass marketing kind of site!

At this point who are we kidding?  When will we have time to do all of that?  Maybe between 2:00AM and 4:00AM??  Really??

The whole point of the shop is unique found objects...that takes time.   Between clients that we are working with and the shop we have at Fabulous Finds ...we are selling lots of  the inventory before we can get the pictures taken and posted...

Loaded this image today...

Sold the bench this afternoon.  Yeah!!!  We're not complaining...just explaining the delay.

Here's the new plan...

We will launch soon...real soon (notice no commitment date) a changed format with new products, but it will still be crude at best. Pretty much pictures with full descriptions and pricing.  We will be closer to a catalog format than the blog style we have had in the past but a long way from where we intend to be. 

We'll be selling antique and vintage items, found objects and a few new items just as we always have.  We're really excited to be introducing some of our own designs.  Our goal has always been to be a resource for both our personal design clients and others for the unique and unexpected.  Those things you can't find anywhere else.

Stay tuned...It's coming soon!

Until then, please contact us for any need you may have.